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America's Future Is Freedom

  The Libertarian Democratic Caucus believes the message of freedom still rings loud and clear to most Americans.

  Americans should be free to live their lives as they best see fit, so long as they don't infringe upon the rights or property of someone else and are willing to accept responsibility for their own actions.

  The Libertarian Democratic Caucus seeks to return the Democratic Party to it's Jeffersonian roots by reducing the size and expense of our federal government.  We support more personal freedom and a smaller, less-intrusive government, with a social conscience.

  The LDC favors cooperation with all libertarians regardless of political party.  We support working with Libertarian Party members, libertarian Republicans and other libertarian Democrats to advance issues and causes we agree on.

  The LDC was founded in 2006 by Mike A. Bozarth, a St. Joseph, MO. City Councilman and long-time libertarian activist.  Bozarth is also serving his second term as 9th Ward Democratic Committeeman.

The History of Libertarian Democrats

  A growing number of Democrats, to emphasise their fiscal responsibility and belief in smaller government, label themselves as Libertarian Democrats. These numbers in recent years have included five congressman, five senators, and state six governors. The most well-known of these have been former governor and presidential candidate Bill Richardson of New Mexico, Senators Jon Tester (Montana) and Jim Webb (Virginia), and Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana.

  The fundamental principles of libertarian Democrats go back to the political ideas of our Founding Founders: Washington, Adams, Hamilton, Madison, and especially Thomas Jefferson. The goal intended by the Framers of the Constitution, as argued by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison in the Federalist Papers, was a precariously-balanced government, strong enough to protect citizens and their rights and liberties, but limited enough so as to not intrude upon those rights and liberties.                                                                

  Jefferson was most proud of three accomplishments, reflected on his tombstone.  He wrote the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, which established the concept of a separation between church and state and respected for the privacy of individual belief. He founded the University of Virginia, which reflected his belief that public education and democracy go hand in hand. And he wrote the Declaration of Independence, in the preamble of which he proclaimed both universal equality and that we all possess the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, a statement that becomes the founding principle for our experiment in self-government.

Libertarian Democratic Caucus Officers

Chair:   Mike A. Bozarth, Missouri  (     

Vice Chair:  Debbie James, Kansas (

Secretary:  Debbie Thornton, Nebraska (

Treasurer:  Tony DeSpain, Missouri (

  The LDC is seeking to start affiliate chapters.  If interested in helping build organization, contact the chair.

  Mailing address:  Libertarian Democratic Caucus, 105 East State Highway P, Clarksdale, MO.  64430-8100

  Phone:  (816) 754-6424

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